Hongsheng specialize in supplying mill products to machine shops, fabricators, prime contractors, sub-contractors for aerospace, automotive, petrochemical, medical marine, oil & gas and other industries. These excellent mill products include Titanium alloy, Nickel alloy, Implant & medical appratus metal, special welding wire and special  steel. Because our high quality and competitive price, we have built long-term business relationship with many clients around the world. In addtion our service team is also professional. if you have any requirements, just feel free to contact us. A knowlegeable representative will be soon in touch with you.
Quality and service is our product. HONGSHENG is your first choice of metal.

Why Hongsheng?
*More than 15years experience of metal materials
*Professional stuff service
*Small order focused and big order capability
*100% traceble from mill processsing to customers
*One shop solution
*High quality and competitive pricing
*Timely delivery
*Customer request agree

Quality gurantee
At Hongsheng, our customers demand the most available quality systems-100% traceble from melting process. Our experienced staff, professional process, approved mills, and continuous improvement and preventative action system guaratee metal products meets the highest quality standards evry time.
*100% traceble from melting
*Confirmation before placeing order
*Production strict as agreed specification
*Mill inspection data by third-party lab

Add: Rm 2211, No572 Zhongshan road, Shahekou district, Dalian, China 116033